Automotive Electronics Solutions

Bornsun specifically designed and manufactured one kind of sil-pad--BNG200 which could meet the strict demand of automobiles industry--high thermo stability(up to 300℃).

Now, its outstanding thermal conduction performance is well recognized after testing widely by customers.

BNG200, which is with super low thermal resistance, excellent reliability and stability, helps to build up new ideas of inner structure design when customers are facing the problem of high temperature aging, thermal cycle and high humidity. The thermo stability of BNG200 has got more than 100℃ . This is higher than normal sil-pad while its thermal resistance is the same as its similar ones.

 The thermal conductivity of BNG200 is 1.6W/m·K. BNG200 is thin enough to be filled while performing its high thermal performance which enables it to be perfect suitable for inner electronics in automobiles.

Our unique and advanced formula of BNG200 lowers the speed of aging that is very critical and profound to cars, avoiding thermal performance decrease over time.