IC Chip Solutions

 IC chips refer to all electronic components. Silicon board assembled with a variety of electronic components is to realize its specific function. It’s the profound part in electronic devices which running the function of operation and storage. The application of integrated circuits covers almost all of the electronic devices in the industry military and civilian use.
Chipset is the core part of mother board. It generally splits in to South Bridge
and North Bridge according to their arrangement on motherboard.

With rapidly changing microelectronic technology, chip is getting smaller while its operation speed gets increased which results in generating more heat. This leads to higher demands of head-spreading of chips. Designers have to use advanced heat-spreading technology and heat-spreading materials to take away heat, making sure that chips could be functional in high working temperature.

Currently, using heat sink is a common way of heat-spreading (see picture as below). Thermal materials are applied between heat sink and chip, helping to dissipate heat quickly.       


The gap between heat sink and chip which is a bad conductor affects the cooling efficiency seriously. So the performance of heat sink is not as good as expected, sometimes it even fail to function. In order to reduce the gap and increase the contact surface, good thermal performance thermal materials are required, such as thermal tapes, thermal pads, thermal grease etc.

Heat which generated by chips are transferred to heat sink via thermal material, and then the high speed rotating fan take out the heat to the air (see picture as below).

Demands of thermal performance of thermal interface material increase along with the increasing integration of IC chips. Bornsun developed and manufactured professional TIMs for IC chips.

BN-FS800: thermal pad, high thermal conductivity—8W/m·K, high insulating performance, 1-3mm thickness.
BN-G600: thermal grease, high thermal conductivity—5.5W/m·K, easy to apply, no dry-out, solvent-free, long term reliability
BNK10 Sil-pad, thermal conductivity—1.3 W/m·K, 0.15mm thickness, low thermal resistance, high insulating performance, breakdown voltage:5.5KV