Sales Supervisor
Job Requirements:
1. Have over 2-year sales experience on chemical industry or electronics.
2. Familiar with sales operation process in factory, and good at dealing with purchase, engineering and quality personnel.
3. Have strong market insight, be able to develop new customers independently and be good at exploring customer’s potential demand.
4. Have strong negotiating skills and problem solving skills
5. Work hard and have strong compression ability

Job Duties:
1. Have communication experience with customers from electronic, electronic semiconductor, LED, automotive electronics and other related industries, understand customer’s requirement on materials, recommend suitable materials to customers and study out solution together with customers.
2. Find new customers to sell and promote products.
3. Make quarterly and monthly plans according to company’s requirements, complete all sales target.

Sales Manager
Job Requirements:
1. Have over 5-year sales experience, over 3-year experience on team management, preferred in chemical industry and electronics.
2. Have customer resources on related products, have experience on developing and maintaining large customers.
3. Have strong market insight, be able to develop new customers independently and be good at exploring customer’s potential demand.

Job Duties:
1. Set sales target according to market trends, and draw up a plan to make sure that the target can be reached.
2. Assist to sales staff to negotiate, maintain and follow up important customers, coordinate big delivery anomaly.
3. Integrate internal management, recruit and train sales staff, allocate existing customers and assess subordinates’ performance.
4. Draw up marketing strategies according to market situation and development status of new products, develop new markets and customers, recommend products to customers from the perspective of your major, and offer solutions to customer’s queries.


Sales Director
Job Requirements:
1. Have over 10-year sales experience in related industry, including at least 3-year experience at the same position.
2. Have strong ability to develop large customers and rich experience in negotiation.
3. Have ability of sales strategic planning and team leadership, have strong sense of responsibility and be able to control the overall situation.
4. Preferred leaders who lead sales team achieving performance of over hundred million RMB or lead sales team performance growing rapidly.

Job Duties:
1. Assist General Manager to develop the company’s strategy to realize the company’s short and long-term strategic objectives.
2. Grasp market trends and competitors’ information, explore and develop market, establish a good relationship and communicate channels with clients, create the company’s brand, tap potential customers.
3. Undertake annual target and task, complete performance goals and set layout for future market in advance.
4. Set up and manage marketing team, implement professional training to team members.
5. Be familiar with polymer thermal conductive, electric conductive and insulation materials, participate in products R&D and provide technical support, or have related technical resource.


Marketing Manager
Job Requirement:
1. Have deep cognition of the market of polymer thermal conductive, electric conductive and electromagnetic shielding products, have strong perception ability to grasp market trends and directions.
2. Have over 5-year experience on developing customers in the industry, and have mature resource of large customers.
3. Be familiar with customers in one industry at least, fully understand product’s application direction.
4. Full of enthusiasm, good team-work spirit, and excellent communication skills, team building ability and organization ability.

Job Duties:
1. Offer accurate industry positioning to the company, provide information feedback from market, and develop strategic plan and promotion plan.
2. Conduct analysis on customers, direct sales to achieve their target.
3. Draw up strategy of brand management and development to maintain the company brand.
4. Provide technical support to sales staff, provide usage proposal to clients, and assist sales staff to participate in customer’s product R&D.
5. Explore large customers and develop new market.

Senior Structural Engineering Manager
Job Requirements:
1. Be familiar with liquid silicone molding process to improve production technology and efficiency.
2. Understand well structural design, mold structure and material properties of silicone products.
3. Have working experience in foreign company, be able to communicate in English.
4. Be good at using AUOTOCAD,PRO/E and OFFICE software and modifying mold by software.
5. Be proficient in quoting silicone products and analyzing new projects.
6. Operate proficiently silicone forming machine.
7. Work hard and bear hardship, be serious and responsible for work.

Job Duties:
1. Analyze projects of silicone products and confirm mould structure.
2. Understand customer’s need, discuss improvement of product’s structure together with customers.
3. Lead communication with each department to complete developing and manufacturing mould.
4. Optimize product and mold structure.




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