Training on Processing Technique and Problems in Production

From Oct.13.2015 to Oct.19.2015, a part-time training was carried out for all staff from production lines. The training mainly focused on explaining and guiding processing technique and problems in production. It taught trainees how to combine theoretical knowledge and practical application, so that they could deepen understanding of their working methods and operating rules, and finally, use practice to test theory.






Training on ISO Quality Management System

In order to further implement the requirements of ISO9001 quality management system and enhance all employees’ quality awareness, the training on ISO quality management system was carried out on Sep.17.2015 for new employees. Main training contents included: basic theory of quality management system, development survey of management system standards, eight basic principles (taking customers as the focus, leadership, full participation, processing method, management system, continuous improvement, decision-making technique based on fact, benefit relationship with suppliers, etc.) and the text content of quality management system.


The trainer emphasized that ISO quality management system is a scientific management platform, which can help change ideas, optimize and integrate resources and improve management process. The certification and implementation of ISO quality management system is to introduce advanced service concept and management model.



Training on Product Knowledge

The training on insulation materials and the market promotion was mainly for sales department. The trainer was the R&D manager with rich R&D experience. First of all, the manager detailedly explained insulation sheet to make trainee have deeper understanding of insulation materials. Then, he analyzed the development of insulation materials, industry status and development prospects, so that trainee recognized that paying hard work is required in any industry, from the development to the growth and then to the market maturity. At last, the trainer and the trainees had a fierce interaction on focus problems and confusion in sales process.



Training on Selling Skills

On Sep.9.2015, to improve salesmen’s skills, the training of “Upgrading Selling Skills”was organized for sales department. The Manager Homer of Taiwan branch office was specially invited as the trainer.

 Around the theme of “How to improve selling skills”, Homer explained profound theories in simple language through many actual sales cases, including how to develop customers efficiently, explore customer’s demand and sales program, communication and negotiation with customers and other skills. At the same time, in the training, he paid attention to the interaction between trainees. Through group discussions and sharing experience with others, he mobilized their enthusiasm and participation.

The trainees said that through this training, they had deeper understanding on selling skills and sales ideas. In the future work, they will strive to apply what they have learned.