Bornsunese Manifesto

I am a Bornsunese!


We Bornsunese have character of integrity, idea of unity, style of pragmaticism, skill of speciality, spirit of devotion to work and consciousness of innovation. With these six giant paddles, the Bornsun ship can sail upwind and ride wind and waves towards bright future.


We Bornsunese are highly responsible for ourselves, for families, for the company, for the career, and for society. We all deeply understand our responsibilities and recognize our mission better than anyone else. We dare to take, never escape, never shirk. Failure is just the baptism that we must endure. We will succeed!


We Bornsunese never satisfy, never stop! “No best, but better!” This is the driving force that drives us to improve continuously. Excellence is our eternal pursuit.


We Bornsunese have the most powerful implementation capacity! We pursue efficiency: pay the least and use the shortest time to get the best. We refuse to delay: there isn’t the word of “waiting” in our dictionary; “immediately” is the necessary decoration when we deal with everything.


We Bornsunese are the people who have the courage to pay. No pay, no gain. In Bornsun laurels, there is record of every pay, every effort and every drop of sweat from each Bornsunese.


We Bornsunese are a group of people with lofty ideals. We aim to promoting Bornsun growing and developing, and creating satisfying products for our clients. We are committed to build Bornsun as the best science and technology enterprise in global polymer material industry.

Let us declare the most shocking manifesto to the world: we are Bornsunese!